Sweet & Maxwell Podcasts

Archive #1

  1. Caroline Wilson - Intellectual Property Law
  2. Vera Bermingham - Tort
  3. Greer Hogan - Constitutional & Administrative Law
  4. Brenda Short - Environmental Law
  5. Robert Duxbury - Contract Law
  6. Roger Brownsword - Understanding Law
  7. Maureen Spencer - Constitutional and Administrative Law
Caroline Wilson, author of Nutshells: Intellectual Property
In this podcast, Caroline highlights some issues that may help you in your revision for the forthcoming 2006 IP exams. Remedies, patents, trademarks and copyright are all explored, along with direction on the correct approach to your answers.
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Vera Bermingham, author of Nutshells: Tort
Vera provides an update on the latest developments in Tort and highlights the changes in law since the last publication of the Nutshell.
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Greer Hogan, author of Nutshells: Constitutional & Administrative Law
In this podcast, Greer provides a synopsis of the content contained in the Nutshell, highlighting essential aspects of the law you should be aware of for your exams.
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Brenda Short, author of Nutshells: Environmental Law
Brenda talks about the background to environmental law, the areas of law it covers and updates since the last publication of the Nutshell. She finishes with some tips on sitting an examination.
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Robert Duxbury, author of Nutshells: Contract Law
In this podcast, Robert offers advice to help you prepare for your examination in Contract Law. He offers guidance on both the principles of Contract Law and on the methodology of revision itself.
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Roger Brownsword, editor of the Understanding Law series and individual author of Understanding Law
Roger reflects on the origins of the Understanding Law series and how well law does in it's aspirations to serve the community. He goes on to discuss some recent cases which challenge the authority of and respect for law.
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Maureen Spencer, author of Nutcases: Constitutional and Administrative Law
Maureen highlights the prominent areas within Constitutional and Administrative Law via some recent cases; alerting you to the fact that examiners often draw on such cases when setting examination questions.
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